It’s been awhile

I think last year we tried it too. And I remember that we even had trouble figuring out how to connect into our bindings at the time. So this year I practice it over and over in my head.  So I was ready this time. And we did it, two days of skiing.

No, nothing major of course. After all a friend was just swept away and perished. Nothing against the rad slider groups out there but we prefer gentle slopes. Ones where the only danger is to get run over by a deer. Maybe later we would get better and take more chances. But for now … super safe.

The hill out the back of the cabin turned out to be the perfect one for us non sliders. So gentle that it would take a 30 mph gust to move the snow. Super stable and super safe.  Plus, to climb without skins are so cool. What the hell is the use of skiing if you have to take skins off and  put them back on for every undulation. It’s like me changing tires on my bike as I am out mountain biking. Just silly.

So yea. Call us ignorant beginners. But … it’s been a while!

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