Bear-ly Legal

Home weekend. Why not go out and ride the Bear Canyon trails on our fat bikes. I remember two years ago before it was legal I declared this venue my favorite. Then it became illegal. Then legal again. We could of actually rode it last year but the bitter taste had not left yet.

When we arrived it looked as though we still were unwelcome. The signs are so confusing. First off we have snowmobile trail permits. The signs declared that there were no snowmobiles allowed. Ouch, I could of swore that is what we used to ride on. Plus it said no wheeled vehicles. Which is a keyword for me and I turned around and started to run away. You know, before the feds showed up.

Suddenly we hear a skier yell, “you can ride here … look”, pointing at yet another sign. Mo went back and I just kept my distance. I have been burned before.

“According to this … bicycles allowed July to March”,  she yelled back. I approached cautiously.  Wow … cool. And just like that we were in.

And it is the best fat biking around these parts.

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