Cabin nights are dependent on the quality of the stove it has. If it is a broken piece of shit then I will be up every two hours to throw another log or two in. A quality stove will last the night. So far one cabin takes that honor, the Calf Creek Cabin. The Horse Prairie Cabin is a one wake up cabin. I need to get up around 4ish to re-stoke it. That is pretty good.

After a late night of playing Clue the only wakeup this time was around happened at 7. By the time I went out to do some business and get back I figure I might as well stay up for the sunrise.

So I made some coffee and that led to another Bathroom call. All of which was a great time to take my camera and snap a couple images.

It turns out I had a pretty action packed morning. Running inside to grab some gloves and head out the front to get some icicle shots. Then back to the fence to grabs some more. And then back in to make snuggles a coffee. Then jolting out back for a pastel shot.

Busy morning at the Horse Prairie Guard Station.

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