Ski Directive

I got word from the biome that it would be beneficial for us to attend the Horse Prairie Guard Station for another weekend. We were directed to attend as soon as possible. So that is why we made a night push to ski into the cabin.

Horse Prairie cabin trip number 2
All to ourselves

The next day the sun was brilliant. Since we all know that our small biome is just a part of the larger one, perhaps the universe and beyond, the sun inclusion made sense. And the direction to take skis really paid off. No surprise though. I mean we just happen to let the higher order drive and keep the communication open.

Horse Prairie cabin trip number 2
Howdy their adventurer

That is why gut feelings always pan out for the better. It is the entity that literally drives the shell we call self. Just listen right? So whatever the reason, we think it is because we all knew that sun is good and we needed to get plenty of it, all was pleased.

Horse Prairie cabin trip number 2
Cuddles and snuggles, the greatest Adventures of our time

The reward for listening and reaping the benefits of much needed sun was a relaxing and memorable ski weekend at the Horse Prairie Guard Station. Can’t wait to get the next memorandium.

Horse Prairie cabin trip number 2
Coming back from the trip to the South Pole

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