Light Test

Horse Prairie cabin trip number 2
Ski packing at night

What better way to test a new headlamp then to arrive at the trail-head late and ski through the night. My partner using her Petzel and I with the new Alpkit. Mine supposedly has 600 lumens and hers 200.

“I thought the cabin was just at the top … ‘beep'”, I finally blurted out. Not that I was concerned but that I was frustrated that my light was not shinning as far as I hoped.

“There it is”, she reported over the radio … ‘beep’.

“Oh, I see it; but not as good as I hoped” … ‘bleep’.

The conclusion, I thought in my head, is that European lumens must be different. So really 600 was more like 400 … maybe 350. But then we skied for another 15 minutes. Darn, maybe it was shinning way out there. Hard to tell on the high plains where you can see 30 miles at a time.

“Well … I think I like the new light but not as impressed with the total illumination.BUT then this thing will burn all night too ….”

“I am right here”, she was waiving her hand in front of my face, “No need to use the radios” … ‘Beep’.

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