Paria Canyon, Into The Light

I just remembered something that I read once. Not exactly as it was written, but as I understood it. Or misunderstood. To heal from something maybe it is not as much as focusing on what is wrong but training your attention on the things that are right. Key word, heal.

As we left camp I totally forgot all my ills and found myself immersed in all the things that were right. The sun rise for one. Spending time in a canyon makes you worship every bit of sunshine you can find. For me it is rejuvenating and warm. I like warm. But one thing I was surprised by was the way the sunlight would sculpt visual displays bursting with color.

Reflections in the river and warm hues across the colorful canyon walls … even the reflection of rocks on other rocks. As curtains drew back with every mile the sun was putting on a display of cool presentations of light. Never to be the same at any angle or time of day. Always changing.

Maybe life is that way. Just a matter of how one looks at it I suppose. For me … on this day … my back was not injured as much as everything was just right in the world.

Your Thoughts

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