Paria Canyon, The Morning After

The ongoing saga of the hurty-back trip. Well that is what I called it. Looking at the photos one would think it was a outstanding adventure of a lifetime in Paria Canyon.

I did not sleep after the long haul into the canyon. Well maybe I did but not much. I needed to be turned like a fried egg on a skillet. And Mo just wanted her sleep. I didn’t blame her. She hauled all our shit into the canyon last night. At one point that night I almost suffocated because upon attempting a spin around and then getting paralyzed in pain I found myself face against the side of the tent without arms. I could’t move. I stuck my tongue out to keep the tent wall away from my airway. And to keep breathing.

Upon waking I took no time crawling to the stove to make coffee. With fresh bean juice in my system and a handful of fish oil I could stand. We explored camp as the sun finally beamed down into the canyon and warmed our spirits. And I forgot all the pain. Wow! It was a outstanding adventure of a lifetime in Paria Canyon.

4 replies on “Paria Canyon, The Morning After”

Bill, you really should consider selling your photos on stock photo sites, they are epic! Your adventures always take you to the coolest places! Thanks for sharing you and Mo’s outings, let’s a couch potato like me explore awesome places vicariously. I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care old friend. 🙂

No implied “shoulds” intended, it was meant as a compliment. I do book covers, web design, branding etc, I always have an eye open for gorgeous images, many of yours are exactly that. Nothing negative implied or intended. Stock Art is a great alternative stream of income however, especially since you have such a large body of work already.

I didn’t recall you being artistically inclined when Demian & I lived next door to you and Sue. But then, I was fairly oblivious to a lot of things back then and much of that time period is hazy from being nearly prehistoric. 🙂 Clearly however you have a fantastic eye.

I am not the least bit surprised you are still super outdoorsy and always on the go. I love that you seem to be living a big, juicy life full of people that make you happy. Even if you are trapped on the 9-5 hamster wheel with most of the rest of us you seem to have found your own version of living la dolce vita.

Looking forward to your next installment of the Adventures of Mo & Bill. Take Care. ~Angie ( the former Sgt. Sloss)

I remember well. Thanks for all the flattering comments. No offense taken. But I hear that every time someone views some of my photos. So I react with the usual in hopes that some day I will hear a way to actually jack out of the system and persue a artsy career. Would love to open a bike shop, coffee shop, gallery. I laughed at the nearly prehistoric comment as well. Funny sgt. Sloss … as you were …o/o

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