Paria Canyon, Day Hike

Wow, how fabulous is it to hike without a backpack?  After the day before hiking into the canyon today was a cinch. And I felt better. Maybe the back injury was going away. I was on the mend. And on a big march deeper into the canyon.

Our plan was to do half a day deeper into Paria … which is weird because it doesn’t mean the walls are bigger and in fact we are on our way to the exit towards the Colorado. Then if we felt like it head into Buckskin Canyon as well. We hiked until the scenery was not as exciting as what we went through and turned around. We had seen the best part of Paria.

I was actually filibustering to turn because I was really excited to go to Buckskin. And even though my back started to hurt I kept my mouth shut. Didn’t want Mo to suspect a thing and cancel the evening leg.

“How do your feel”, she asked.

“Good … let’s do it”

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