A month from now

I was shocked to see how close our next race is. We are 4 weeks out. I closed my browser and headed out for our Tuesday night adventure. Tonight was Upper Hyalite Lake. I am ready for tonight’s ride but am I ready to stay awake and ride for 25 hours? Not really. And this worries me. Not to win but to have a great time. And you can not have a great time when you suffer. Well not usually. And what suffers? Mostly one’s ass. And staying awake sucks too but what can you do about that?

I alert my partner and teammate about this up and coming event. She was silent for a while then suggested that she was ready. Because her core was more fit then when she did Rapeljie. And the ASS issue was a concern for her as well. Now in the middle of our ride the trail is rocky and punchy. Just like the race we are signed up for next month.

Then it gets dark on us and our discussion had turned to thoughtful silence. Suddenly I realized it was time to turn around and ride out. In the dark. I guess maybe this was training session #1. Riding in the dark. And it was fun.

Your Thoughts

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