A weekend off

Yeah right! A weekend off from the ever demanding pattern of packing on Thursdays leaving on Fridays and then be back in place at the 40 hour work week sometime Monday morning.

We planed the usual activities to get caught up. Since every week in the summer we have been gone. We planned to put plastic on the windows and weatherproof our house. We planned to clean the house. We planned to do some shopping. We planned to do a lot of things. This weekend we were finally going to get caught back up.

Then we had a couple beers on Friday. And maybe a couple on Saturday. And of course on Saturday one needs to rest and make the trek over to REI and  look at some stuff .

And then Sunday the sun came out. And so we decided to go for a mountain bike ride at Chestnut Mountain.The ride was fine in fact it was great. And really overall it was a fantastic afternoon riding through the Fall Foliage. When we got home we celebrated with another beer and sat down to watch a movie.

So in the end nothing got done and we just stayed home. We even fit in a mountain bike ride. But nothing got done and maybe we have to take another weekend off to try and get things done. But we all know how that will go. We’ll just find an excuse to go on an adventure. Might as well pack and take off next weekend and get out of here so we don’t mess up the place.

Your Thoughts

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