Triple Tree TNA

For various reasons we moved our weekly adventure series to Tuesday effectively making it now the Tuesday Night Adventure. Those reasons are private. The forecast was for rain so I pulled a hike out of my ass. Bozeman proper is a bad place to hike. not many choices. Drinking Horse, M, Pete’s Hill, and some of the Bridger Range hikes. All freaking straight up and then straight down. Boring. And the snobs are out in force. Making sure they are Strava-ed on their favorite haunt Instagram-ing selfies to feel like a health young soul. What ever. The real adventurers want something different. Some diversity. Some rolling hills. Some color. and maybe some privacy.

Well the Triple Tree Trail is a good find. Not lengthy but good enough for after work. And very colorful. Aspen forests, Doug Fir stands, and even the pesky log pole pine forests. Even sage ridge tops and rolling country with skunks hiding in plowed fields.  Ignore those 238 Private Property signs though. That land owner needs to find a life. Hey land owner … thanks for contributing to the community.

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