Heather Lake Day 3

Cold and windy is what I can say about the last day. The night was fraught with violent storms. Once the tent blew flat across us and I had to go out and do some emergency securing of the guy-wire hooks. The first time I used those. We found slices of time in the morning to enjoy the brief visits of the sun. We did some major fuels reduction of the area by burning so much wood to keep the fire going. The winds made the fire resemble a blow torch. And just like smoking a cig the more air you pull across the embers the faster the thing burns.  Not that I like smoking. Or even like being around a dumb-ass that does.

The ride out was fantastic but we had to cancel the scheduled hikes about the alpine bowl. The sheep we saw the night before were still on the ridge hopping around. We even spotted some goats on the way down as well. Good weekend for viewing the alpine pros.

We popped out of the woods and loaded the team van for the trip back home. In 30 minutes we pulled up to the front door and that was that. Will there be another weekend to ride bikes? Seems the fatties are about to roll soon.

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