Heather Lake Day 2

This weekend could be our last. So getting out of base camp was a little slow. We started a fire for some quality time at camp. I cooked up some big plates of bacon and eggs. Of course there was coffee and music. It was probably around noon when the warmth of the day got us motivated to take off some puffy gear. And while we were up … might as well pack the bikes for a 2,400 foot of vertical climb to the lake.

And then there was the ride up. Passing by waterfalls and eventually Emerald Lake. As we embarked on the last mile I remembered that one time I said that I would never again ride to Heather Lake and that Emerald was just fine. And for about ten minutes I wondered why I would have thought such a ting. Then the rocks started appearing. Looking like it was a bit more tricky now I charged ahead determined to ride it this time. Finally I had to give up after being bucked around like a silly drunk idiot at one of those cowboy bars riding a mechanical bull. But we did eventually make it.

It was worth the struggle because this high alpine area was so calm and relaxing. We were really up there and with winter hot on our heels no one else seemed to want to be there. Well … except for some people who eventually did show up.

After gathering wood and setting up camp we feasted on a dried meal. Feeling stuffed and a bit weird due to not have “that kind of thing” in my normal diet we started to mill about.

“Lets go for a short walk”, my partner suggested.

And I knew what that meant. So I grabbed some adventure gear and followed. Wondering if we would be back before dark.

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