Everything ends

But bikes. I mean a carbon bike will last forever right? But for us humans … not so much. We end. Our journeys end. Our relationships end. Jobs end. Situations ends. Most of all, seasons end. My current journey is speckled with evidence of things that end.

Colors of leaves changing and under-story turning yellow. Huckleberry leaves a bright red. Yellow leaves floating down a creek. Separated and now floating away from what they knew and where they have been. The warm summer days long gone. Now everything is cold.

Fortunately there ARE other seasons. We end, true, but our legacy lives on. Mine is that I bum everyone out? Burning out the bright embers of happiness and inserting me, me, my problems, me. Why am I a downer … but I cant harp on that. The season is changing and I am in reflection of that. Ok, what else renews?

Journeys end as well but we find others. Relationships end sadly enough. But we do enter into others … if we allow it. Takes time I guess. Jobs end but always for the better. Always. Situations all end and we always find ourselves in others. Even bad situations can be used to win races I believe.

Bikes never end. We can always find one and ride it. This go around to ride until I figure it all out.

Your Thoughts

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