Lizard Lake Extraction

Short weekends suck. You know … the ones where you get off work on a Friday and have to be back to work Monday? That is f*#@$ng short! Even though you get out of town after work, leaving on Sunday to get home really sucks. I really hate the 40 hour work week. It is ruing my life. Well, beyond that the fact remained that we needed to ride our shit down to the vehicle for extraction. Extraction from fun and into the big house of societal hell.

But that does not mean one can not have fun heading into hell. Right? And since hell, if one believes there exists such a place, we do not, is DOWN … well that is going to be fun.  My 50 pound bike launched off of root balls and broke the sound barrier on some dusty ridge line single track.  The ride down was a hoot.

Your Thoughts

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