Lizard Lake Anniversary Hike

I woke up to prepare the surprise. As a consolation on sneaking out of the tent early I was greeted by a great sunrise. I got the card out of my pack and the cup decoy.

Whoa … backup. The day before I ran to REI to get a titanium mug for snuggles. Her old plastic REI mug was ready for retirement and this one would fit in her down tube bag. But they were completely out of stock. So I ordered it online and printed out a decoy to attach to her old mug.

Alright, why? Well 5 years ago on this day, September 11th, snuggles and I entered into a life *adventure. So I prepared the morning surprise. When I would call out “coffee is ready” she would come and find her mug with the decoy attached to it. I forgot tape so I used pine sap. Also a perfect placement of the card with some morning thoughts (proprietary) inside was necessary. I was ready.

“Coffee is ready”, I shouted towards a rustling sound in the tent.

Happy 5 year anniversary to the best *adventure partner on the planet.

*And by the way “adventure” might be the new cool word … but we made it cool.

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