Lizard Lake

This overnight BikePack plan almost didn’t come to fruition. But the ride to Lizard Lake was the goal of the day none the less. At the very least we would do it as a out and back before retreating home to the safety of warmth of HOME. Watching your water freeze in front of me was not comforting either.

We arrived the night before and experienced a ten degree drop every hour before running to safety in the tent. I awoke in the night and the zipper was froze shut. That morning I built the biggest fire I could. The earliest morning hours were the worst. I took a gallon of water out of the cooler and set it on the table. It froze before my eyes with crystals forming first.

The sun saved the weekend; by noon it was warm enough to take off our puffies. And our old short term memories forgot we nearly froze to death. Well … “feels like”. So we chose to ride to Lizard Lake with 60 pound bikes instead of 23 pound bikes.  And it was worth it because we were rewarded with a warm up and sun. A beautiful day for an important weekend.

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