Finding Huckleberries

We came out the same way we went in. Some differences though. It was dark for one. A real surprise there. And even though one could not see our hands they were stained dark purple. What ensues the days after reflected our journey’s bounty. Muffins … pancakes … and iced cream of beef gelatin (our ice cream).

I stopped half way up to lift the bike over a log. We were making good time but needed to keep up the pace to make the Pass before sunset. Then I spotted them. Little decorative balls hanging from familiar branches. Huckleberry branches. Then my senses kicked in and the smell of delightful berries lofted my way.

Mo found me gathering and quickly joined me. We still made the pass. But the sun was setting when we gained it. And going back was a little dim. But in our bikepacking bags were loads of tiny little nutrient pills.

Another route and another spectacular adventure with a twist … a huckleberry twist.

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