Tobacco Roots Day 1

It took a day to get out there and set up camp. Soon enough with little time remaining we were awarded the chance to go mountain biking. The group, well, was not particularly into this activity as much as I. Evidence being some peeling off from the “lets just take a look up this road’ ride. Down to 2 I scammed my way into what I really wanted. To see how far we could ride towards Sailor Lake.  I knew that if I suggested it from the outset ‘we’ would be an ‘I’, alone.

So that is why I was glad ‘I’ were a ‘we’ when a bear appeared on the trail. And after that some teen punks shooting over our heads as a response to, “hey there are bikers down here”. After ducking down in an old abandon building until the gun fire calmed we skirted by the punks and rode up to the lake. Festivities followed including a snack in the evening sun.

And then the bomb back to camp to rejoin the group for a first night camp fire complete with stew-lash and beer.

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