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WNA @ Wheeler Discoveries

Slow and steady wins the race, right? With my heart rate well below 133 bpm I set a PR on both climbing and descending. On a fatty! Doesn’t make sense. Is there a conspiracy here? You know like at work when someone sabotages you even though it makes themselves and their company look bad. I think others say, “cut off your toe to despite your foot” … or something like that. What does this have to do with unexplainable efforts?

Shoot!  I don’t really know. Maybe one of the many performance factors. Like a bike platform or a training idea. One of those. Despite turning cells over until your telomeres are so short you die you follow the “recommended” plan. A plan, probably, that someone is making bank. Like a bike company suggesting a $4000 bike will take you to the podium. Well they made money. You … well, no podium.

So I went faster on a fatty without any prior training or chronic cardio blasphemy. Whatever, and what about bike shorts being a scam? …o/o

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