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Happy Stalk-aversary

It was 2011. My new job, I figured, was working out well. I was settling into Bozeman and looking forward to my new life. Gone are the days of adventure and now a new focus on a legit career in software. Time to take a real effort towards it anyway, specially after the Sikorsky debacle. This time I would focus and not play. Even though my heart was still aching about leaving Missoula and a potential new friendship.

Then I received a email from Norman. But really it might have been Lydia’s idea. Because he mentioned that she mentioned … well, you get the picture. Anyway, someone had a idea to let me know that they were going on a back pack trip AND to mention that Mo was going with them. Of course they said this knowing I had a huge crush on her and that I might be prompted to go. Bribing me maybe so that I would just join them for an adventure. Who knows the motivation.

I was in! Late Thursday night I prepared to show up out of the blue and crash the back pack weekend trip party. With intel from my friends I left after work Friday. The sun was setting over Browns Lake somewhere near Helmsville as I sped along highway 141. I was heading to a Holland Lake parking lot to set forth to find a hiking party of 3.

What was I doing? Knowing someone would be in a adventure group in the Swan Range. And without them knowing it I would just show up and be like, “Oh … Hey”. Was this stocking? And what about my life agreement to finally buckle down and work. Giving up on so adventure? And focusing?

Well … I really have not looked back and have been adventuring every weekend since. that job never really worked out anyway. Happy stalkaversary …o/o

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