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A Way In

Continued from our previous post entitled “Scouting Report II“.

I couldn’t breath. I sat there and tried to keep my eyes open. My heart slowed. I was about to die when a message came to me stating that my partner was waiting outside the structure where I work. I stumbled down the stairs and out onto the lawn collapsing. When the fresh oxygen saturated my lungs I started to stir.

“Lets go to our new place … for hope … that this is all worth while.”

“I feel like I want to let myself just die.”

“No, you have to fight, we are almost there. Our escape is in 3 days.”


An essential part of surviving life is having a great partner. When the time comes they become our best friend and you can tell them everything. Use their shoulder. And they are there for you.  And they keep you going. She saved me. Kept me focused and prompted me to keep striving when I just wanted to give up and die.

We found Aero Cafe just as we left it the last time. Abandon under a grove of trees. I tried the door and it swung open wide.  We walked in for the first time. Maybe we should be there. Maybe. But we tried it out … to see if we could claim it as ours.

We spent an hour in and around the structure. No one came. It seems … it could be ours. We left to go back home to pack. It was time. Time we take over this place we found across the valley. We would be there soon. I just had to keep fighting.

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