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Scouting Report

Continued from our previous post entitled “Discovering a new place“. We are on a scouting trip to our new land. It is not easy to get to paradise. First you must overcome some difficulties.

This visit we must ford numerous natural waterways and traverse deep caverns. But this part is fun. No … the real difficult part is to break free from the evil Fukar. The evil leader of the land in which we live now. In our recent attempt to scout Fukar has “conveniently overlooked” the bandits with weapons patrolling the grounds. And now new taxes are being put into place to keep us from planning any escape.

But we did it. We avoided the dragon poop mines in the compound and made the move while the bandits were sleeping off a drunken night of pillaging. Yes, we are taxed but saved enough to pay the crossing troll at the edge of the compound. And now we are gleefully hopping water and natural elements. Happiness is on the horizon.

Up next – A Way In

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