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Discovering a new place

My partner and I have been scouring through the hill sides looking for a place to live. Our living space, the compound, in Bozemania has become loud and obnoxious. We want to live on the ground in our own space instead of stacked. One day I climbed a tree and let some pigeons fly with notes attached to their legs. On the note described our plea.

Recently we received a signal from a landowner from just across the valley. It said to come visit her land and wanted to meet. We traveled to the far land to discover a paradise. A quiet land teaming with birds and the occasional black bear in an apple tree. Then we saw it. Our hobbit house.

We had stumbled upon a unique find. A old hanger shaped building that was once a cafe at a airport across the large valley. It’s name was Aero Cafe. but that was before the uprising. It was saved from destruction and moved across the valley to these wonderful lands. The cafe was turned into a living space and now a grove of trees has grown around it giving the appearance of a hobbit house. The visit ended well and as we stood there listening to the babbling brook we said yes, we want to live here.

Up next … Scouting Report II

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