Clearing out

I have full permission to post my partner’s photo at this current time. Thankfully for me she is worn down from packing and probably just doesn’t give a rats ass. So I am grabbing the opportunity and snapping off a shot before she realizes I just posted it.

We are out of here and just finishing the last packing details. Sure it is work but I see it as exciting. It is the beginning of another new journey which is my favorite part. And it gives us a chance to simplify but throwing everything away and starting new. So most of our job today is going around trying to recycle what we have accumulated.

Bozeman Bike Kitchen are acquiring the most stuff. They could probably morph into a full service bike shop after we drop off many boxes full of bikes and stuff. Goodwill will have to open a new wing and the Bozeman Police Department will probably arrest us when we show up with a bag of pharmaceuticals. The Bozeman Public Library will have to clear out some magazine space as well. We haven’t decided how to recycle all the fuel containers and other camping gear.

When the carpet cleaners arrive today we will be out the door to unload our accumulated life onto others, freeing up for our new adventure. Light and agile. Free to start other endeavors which we should come up with over many fire pit evenings in our new back yard.

Your Thoughts

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