First ride

I am sitting in my car waiting for the rain to stop. I can see the edge of the storm rolling over the ridge. There will be sunshine soon. And the conditions at Lewis and Clark Cavern are good after the rain. Sandy and peppily.  And this is a good time to ride, before it opens for the season.

I know. I know! Kind of behind the curve. Last one in line so to speak. In my defense I have been riding a fat bike until now. But some bike parts arrived in the mail and got me all excited for my 29er again.

So I got a OneUp 42t cassette cog and a North Shore Billet direct mount chain ring. And a wider bar.  And I have to say the system rocks. Some thoughts.

  • Got a 28 tooth to maintain the low gear I had previously. So it climbs the same. But on the high end I spin out at 21. But when I do that I am heading downhill and when I tuck to coast I accelerate.  Good trade off … I think.
  • I am wondering if a 26 NSB in the front and a 40t in the back would of produced the same … ah yes but the high end would suffer.
  • I am going to do this to my fat bike but with a different combo, perhaps lower gears.
  • Might as well get all NSB sizes and change according to terrain. But dosen’t that defeat the purpose, simplicity?
  • The wider bars speak for themselves. I made way more switchbacks on this ride this time around. It seems to be a direct correlation.

Your Thoughts

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