North Bridgers investigation

I have been dreaming of riding around the Bridgers but two things are keeping me from doing that this year. One is that we are moving and these next two weeks are wrought will the hells of moving. The other is that I am not sure what is publicly available to ride on. Luckily this weekend I was able to explore and find my way through.

I snuck out Sunday and had 6 hours to do my best to get a handle on the North part of this range. I started out at the North Cottonwood trailhead because riding up there would of taken me over an hour. I only had so much time before I had to go back to packing so I cheated a little.

Plan one was a long shot. To cut across the north on the Blacktail Road. But that hope was diminished by a gate. Which means private I am guessing. There were no signs so maybe I will ask around to see if it is allowed to ride one’s mountain bike on it. So then I headed down the Breamer Creek Road to Maudlow.

Maudlow is a creepy little village with signs that would lead you to believe that you will die if you don’t turn around. I remember them from last year but this year I grew a couple and continued along the 16 Mile Creek Road.

My second hope of going around the bridgers without leaving the range was dashed by another gate. This one even skimpier and without signs. I am sure that I can call someone and get access. I did not chance screwing up future access and stayed on the 16 Mile Creek Road until it was time to turn around and return to my packing duties.

Everything on this trip suggest abandonment and desolation. But to me it was paradise. All alone in empty expanses without anyone in sight. My cup of tea. Maybe this place is a little to far away from Walmart.

Approaching my parked car I could’t help but wish I could ride to town. But I had to get back to packing. It’s move week.

3 thoughts on “North Bridgers investigation

    1. Why are there public sineage? Was it sold off? I went by three cars joy riding as well and they all looked more lost then I. The only sinage was across the bridge that said the land was private. No kidding … of course someone owns the land. But the road I was guessing was a thoroughfare.

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