Gallatin National Forest Alternatives

Are you feeling like your forest administration, in which you have named Department of Special interests, is corrupt? Does really really rich people live around your forest blocking you from accessing it? Is there bullets whizzing over your head all the time and every sign full of holes? Are the rentable cabins in your forest ravaged by motor-heads? Is there multiple confusing layers of politics and advocacy making the usage of your forest way to complex? Don’t worry … there are alternatives to the  Gallatin.  Be thankful … I am.

35 miles away

The Helena forest is only 35 miles to the north.  Located in west-central Montana, the Helena National Forest surrounds Montana’s Capital City and offers close to one million acres of distinctive landscapes.

45 miles away

My favorite is the Beaverhead-Deerlodge. The Tobacco Roots are 45 miles away. This largest of the national forests in Montana covers 3.35 million acres, and lies in eight Southwest Montana counties (Granite, Powell, Jefferson, Deer Lodge, Silver Bow, Madison, Gallatin and Beaverhead).

47 miles away

Lewis & Clark is only 47 miles to the North East. Located in central and north central Montana, the Lewis and Clark National Forest is one of ten forests in the Northern Region. The Forest spreads across thirteen counties, seven mountain ranges, and administers an interpretive center in Great Falls. The Forest is characterized by coniferous forests, woody valley bottoms, high mountain peaks and broad grassy meadows. The Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wildernesses cover almost half of our forest land.

50 miles away

Custer NFS
Custer is less then 50 miles away. I feel the most beautiful terrain is here. Spanning across southeastern Montana, the Custer National Forest is abundant with opportunity, known best as one of the most ecologically diverse forests in the Northern Region. The Forest encompasses nearly 1.3 million acres.

129 miles away

Lolo NFS
Lolo is a long way at 129 miles but for me is like home. The Lolo National Forest is located in west central Montana and encompasses two million acres.

135 miles away

Chief Joseph
Bitterroot is 135 miles from here. I feel at home here! You will find this spectacular 1.6 million acre forest in southwest Montana and Idaho to be a priceless national heritage. Half of the forest is dedicated to the largest expanse of continuous pristine wilderness in the lower 48 states.

145 miles away

Flathead NF
The Flathead is 145 miles away but if you truly want to feel like a explorer this is your place. In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, west of the continental divide and just south of the Canadian border, lies the 2.4 million acre Flathead National Forest. Home to lynx, grizzly bear, and bull trout; with numerous lakes, streams, and rivers to enjoy, the forest is the premiere destination for visitors looking to experience natural landscapes of the American West.

Happy trails …o/o

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