Twin Lakes fat bike day 2

Expansive Possibilities

I woke to a bright sunny day. I was sipping my morning coffee when I felt someone walk up behind me. It was my partner who just recently started waking up earlier which cuts into “Bill Time”.

“What should we do today”?

“Well, X marks the spot”, I motioned to the sky over Twin Lakes. She looked over and immediately noticed to what I was referring to. Then her eyes dropped to the lake and a grin spread across her face.

“Let’s go exploring”.

“On the bikes”?

“Yea, let’s go around the lake”.

So that is what we did. And more. It pays to poke around the edges of a lake. Specially on fat bikes. Unless you have a water craft in the summer it is hard to access the shore the way a fat bike can. Sure you can snow shoe or ski. But really, that takes so much work. And it is slow and arduous. This way, on a fat bike, is a truly cool experience. And in the winter a water craft will get you didly-squat.

And it was this “poking around” that lead to a ride up a tributary to the lake. Probably the coolest experience I have had. Darn I love fat bikes.

Who would of though that you could ride up a creek that contributed to a lake? That kind of unexpected “find” sparks new optimism for explorations.

“Let’s go down the road we came up … and find other places to explore, like that one turn off …”

We returned to the cabin totally wiped and ready for some brats and possibly a porter or two. Which may I add only led to a night criterium around the camp ground on our fat bikes sporting booties and pajamas.

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