Twin Lakes fat bike day 3

Good Bye Old Friend

On day 3 we packed up and left Twin Lakes in a raging blizzard. A real epic story could of come out of the situation but it didn’t. We got wet, a little, and was initially scared, a little. But all in all we got down in record time and was eating burgers before the night fell.

In the morning however I needed some “Bill Time” to say good bye to an old friend. My bike “Larry”. It was for sale so that I could obtain a carbon mistress.

Larry has been a good ol fat bike but the time has come to update myself to something that has evolved. Lighter, better geometry, and more performance. Yes, I am going to call it “evolve”

We all must evolve. But we must keep in mind that evolving takes the very things you leave behind to bring you through the journey of evolving. One can not get to the peak without the mountain itself being there.

Goodbye Old friend. Thanks for the ride … “Larry”.

Day 1 | Day 2

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