Twin Lakes fat bike day 1

Going In

Larry was the name of the fat bike I sold just after Thanksgiving. I sold it so I could purchase my new fat bike who’s name is Ruby. This adventure was it’s last. An adventure that my partner and I have done for three years now. The annual trip to Twin lakes to stay in the forest service cabin. The last two years have been … “interesting” with the extreme ski the first time and the big end to our fat bike respite last year. This year would be no different.

So we packed our bikes not knowing what to expect ahead. Two years ago it was an all day ski where my partner succumb to a huge bonk and meltdown 5 miles from the cabin. That followed by us searching around in the dark for a cabin that we had never been to. Then last year we biked 50 some miles from Hogan Cabin to this one in a huge blizzard. So that was pretty tough as well. Would we encounter the huge snows of last year or would the trail be packed.

Enter packed … and very rideable. In fact we got up the first road section in record time. And thank goodness too because we did the usual “late start”. My partner was on her first fat bike and it was it’s first adventure. It seemed they were hitting it off just fine. By the way her fat bike is named Abba.

I stopped right where it started to climb, about 5 miles from the cabin. I just had to take in the glorious sun shine and wait for my partner. Even if we walked from here the day was a huge success. After three years we finally were rewarded with a “normal” style adventure. And the cabin, well it was right were we left it. All snuggled against the lake. As the sun left the horizon we sipped hot tea and relaxed in our favorite respite.

Day 2 | Day 3

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