Big Hole respite

Something is up and people, that means you, know it. Everyone knew I was doing “something” that involved the Big Hole with cabins.  But no word has come of it all. It has been two weeks since the Thanksgiving trip.  I have been super busy. So much so that lazy me will now post a email response to a good friend of mine, Ed, who was politely poking me about what happened. Of course the innocent has been protected in this “edited” version of the email.

Dear Ed, The trip was good. I had a great time because I like hardship. Like biking and pushing for 13 hours straight. Others I suspect … not so much. You will have to ask them of their impressions which may be quite different then mine. We took a lot of footage so stay tuned for a video.  Putting footage together is easy … finding royalty free music to spice up the quiet parts is impossible.  It is just not my forte. Attached is some photo samplers pulled from the videos to go along with the following:

On day 1 we arrived at May Creek Cabin with 90% road riding and 10% tight snow single track made by hikers.

Day 2 we biked back out and over to Hogan Cabin. 10% road, 10% snow single track (was fabulous), and 80% packed snow road.

Day 3 and we wanted nothing to do with bikes so we hiked 6 miles (only 4 inches of snow) to a fresh kill and a gut pile.  Wolves were howling all around us. It was cool and my companion really liked it. At night I escaped and rode up to the CDT where I rode some snow single track (was fabulous).

Day 4 I awoke to a blizzard. It was NOT my companion’s favorite day is my guess. But to me … priceless. From Hogan to Twin Lakes. So extreme and so diverse. 13 hours on NO pavement  … er …not touching it anyway. 50+ miles. Blizzard conditions. 3 Storms. Snow biking on a once highway then covered in so much snow and white out conditions that it was hard to tell where we were going. I got great footage. A lunch stop in Wisdom where a grocery store owner said, “You guys are not dead yet”? The last storm with winds 50+ miles and hour and flash freezing cold temps. Pushing 80 pound bikes through 3 feet of snow loaded down with Cold Smoke.  The most fun I have ever had in one day.

Day 5 Again … NO BIKING PLEASE. So we did a mile snow shoe and did thanksgiving in the cabin. Cold Smoke and Andouille Sausage.  Cant get any better … right?

Day 6 We broke out of Twin Lakes and rode back to Jackson to soak in the hot springs and drink, you guessed it, more Cold Smoke. It seems we now knew cold smoke first hand. It was not easy and what started out a fun adventure turned into a late night arrival with a exhausted companion. 5% Pushing, 40% hunter truck dual track balance biking, 25% Farmland, 10% ice covered roadway. This leg could be a story in and itself. Crashes, routes ending, friendly ranchers, mysterious land traverses, and barely making it back, the last mile at under 2 MPH. Comes in a close second in terms of fun quality (TO ME) with day 4.

There you have it.

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