Alone training


Driving to Missoula but something is wrong.  Wait, I never see the sunrise unless I am returning FROM Zootown. I know something is up and force the dream to end.  Sitting up in bed I look out the window. Clouds are brewing and I start to take stock in the situation. Time to get ready for my bike packing trip tomorrow.


Later on tonight my phone rang, “I made it … gotta run”, came a crackling voice on my cell phone. And just like that, my heart broke just a little and reality came to bear on the importance to hitting the trails to ride my bike. To focus. To … be … alone.  This weekend will be “alone training” … which is essential to being successful at things like Tour Divide. Snow clouds are building but I don’t care.  I continue to pack my bike … time to head to REI to buy a bevy.

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