Waiting list

Minus the frame bag that I will be getting next month, or so, my bike is ready to “multi-day” rock.  Still though I can go out now and give it a three day test.  I need to downsize my old sleeping bag and pad to make way for more comforts like sleeping booties but I am ready to haul right now. I even bought a new bivy last night. But here I sit.

Why do I sit?  Well I discovered this morning that I am on the waiting list. The snow is dumping outside and the temps promise to drop.  I had hopes to be bumped up to “leaving” but it now seems lost and I am at the realization that I should just go to bed and hit the REI Scratch and Dent Sale tomorrow morning before checking my status again.  Darn! Mother nature and her delays. I am on the spring weather waiting list.

Your Thoughts

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