Where does the sun go?

Missoula Moon


I am leaning up against a tree and as I start to become conscious I notice that the sun is no longer in the sky.  Replaced by a sad sliver of moon.  But the sky is full of color and really quite beautiful. I wondered off after work on my bike. Remarkably I made it across town without doing much but thinking of someone. Cars zipping by a ghost shell rider. Someone will be leaving the state tomorrow morning.  Like the sun. Who has already left the scene.  I will miss her. And now the moon replaces the sun and resembles my sliver of hope. Hope that I can move forward. Perhaps through the night. The beauty of the colors draw me up and back onto the bike.  I will ride until I feel better. I cant not wait for this weekend. I will dissapear chasing the sun to see where it is that it goes to every night.

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