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Dream ride


Even though I had my warmest mitts on, the cold started biting into my fingers. It might be that my hands were falling asleep from riding all night, maybe it was the cold. I kept focus on the challenge … the race.

I almost missed the river crossing and looked for a landmark to guide me to the next section of snowmobile trail. Scary tree or something like that. Hours passed and I figured I was halfway through the night. I passed a big frozen lake and continued to the superhighway trail on the river. I didn’t see many snow machines tonight though. It was at least 60 below zero. I spotted a glow of light in a cabin on the far banks, 10 miles to go. Later my lighting system started to flicker and I wandered if I could make the next checkpoint. Now turning onto another trail towards the oasis of heat and nourishment I can not feel my hands. Now on land again I followed a fence line … half mile to go. I comforted myself and strained my glare into the darkness. Where is that check point? My eyelids grew heavy and I started to shiver, the bike moving slower now.

Then it came into view … the Rene Library on the campus of Montana State University. My dream faded slowly. The river crossings, streets. Scary tree, a trail sign. Snowmobile trails, footpaths. Rivers, roads. cabins, houses. My morning commute to work. My dream.

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