Staying home

I have lived in Bozeman for 6 months now but my experiences have been limited. Most of my time has been spent in Missoula actually. When a hiking buddy showed up this weekend here in the Bozone we decided to get up on a high spot and take a look around.

The sun was out almost like a nice May day when we started out at the ‘M’ trail. Not to be confused with Missoula’s ‘M’ trail this one jets up pretty fast passing the large letter around 700 fee vertically from the parking lot. approaching just a hair past 1 mile you will have climbed 2,000 vertical. So it was no surprise we needed to take a break when we broke out on the Bridger Range ridgeline.

The views were pretty grand. To the East were the Crazy Mountain Range and South of them the Absaroka Range. South of us were the Gallatins and to the East of them the Madison Range. Turning to the West we could see the Tobacco Root Range and beyond. Truly a great spot to inspire future adventure plans.

Once we got our wind we set out along the ridge to the north. The West side of the Bridgers seem to stay dry due to the excessive sun in this part of Montana. But the East side collects snow and this is where you fine the Bozemanites playing in their winter fluff. So it was no surprise when suddenly we were post holing through deep white powder. Not enough to ski mind you but beautiful nonetheless.

The setting sun provided us with some great shadow patterns on the snow. I held up the evening retreat from the mountain by stopping often for black and white inspirations with the camera.

The trip down was fabulous as well when we were greeted by a Bozeman sunset and  some new trail explorations. As the day grew to dusk and we approached the parked car I wondered why I don’t spend more time in Bozeman.

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