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I just did ball pikes and my injured rib burns each time I thrust my rear end into the air. Today is a easy day and tonight I would sew up “easy” with some “pain lab”. My mind drifts off to today’s ride from work. A new coating of snow necessitated me riding to work with Larry my snow bike. Combine that with the training plan calling for a “30 minute recovery ride” and I was all set for a tour of Bozeman’s best fitness trails on the fatty.


I am now on to some bicep curls and wonder what biceps have to do with “core”.  I guess it may seem insignificant but it is in “the plan” so I do it. Today’s frolic on the trails may also seem insignificant but it was REALLY fun. Swooping through trees and following creeks. Sneaking down sidewalks and stopping for the occasional snow bike questions from hikers. It was good to play.


I finish up the pain lab with some tricep dips and tonight I made it to 40.  My training has hit stride and is coming along nicely with core exercises starting to get easier. I am now almost enjoying core  after suffering the initial shock of training again. Tonight as I finished up my ride I turned North and was greeted with spectacular views of the Bridger Range. Nothing is insignificant.

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