Morning ride

Today I fell ill and came home early. So no better time then to browse through some photos. Last weekend I stayed at a friends cabin and partied down with my good friends from Missoula. I was introduced to Stalling style broom ball, a bloody Minnesota rules hockey like game. I also pulled some friends along on skis with my Muckluk.  My favorite part of the day was in the morning before everyone got up.

I rode around Placid Lake near Seeley lake Montana. Now I have a new favorite sport. Frozen lake biking. You get to explore an area with an emphasis on visually getting to see what the surrounding area looks like. With the towering Swan Mountain Range the scenery that morning was spectacular. I cant wait for my next frozen lake ride.

One thought on “Morning ride

  1. Awesome photos…great post. Glad we could bring back an old family tradition (17 years in a row of New Years Day broomball). We didn’t have as much blood in the past, but the pulled muscles put a lot of people on the sidelines. I saw the aggressive side of Bill come out, as if it was down to the wire in a 24 hour race! What a great day. Yea riding that bike on the lake was the best!!

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