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Is it still Monday?

It is the beautiful sun over the mountains that just woke me up. The last thing I remember is leaving work and biking home. Now the sun is peaking over the Bridger Range and the little ‘nap’ after work feels good. As I reach for my camera I realize … why is the sun on the East horizon?  Is it really morning?

I guess all the ultra racing and fun has finally caught up to me.  Today I will, cough cough, take my car to work so I can restock the apartment with stuff to eat and start rebuilding. Like my racing page on this website … gosh, that has been neglected. My next goal is to look good at the 25 Hours of Frog Hollow in Hurricane Utah on November 5th. Sure thee might be some little events and adventures here and there to keep the legs happy.

Like the MESSS (Josh photos) and the RMVQ. That reminds me, wondering if I have the RMVQ on Labor day who would be involved. Better draw up a training plan to see where I can squeeze stuff in. In the meantime I better start running. My goals this year were to not die at the MESSS and do a off road 50K (super surprise where that will be).

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