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Silly flats


The earthquake measured 7.5 on the Richter scale (Revised by USGS to 7.6) and caused an 80 million ton landslide which formed a landslide dam on the Madison River. The landslide traveled down the south flank of Sheep Mountain, at an estimated 100 miles per hour (160 km/h), killing 27 people who were camping along the shores of Hebgen Lake and downstream along the Madison River …  it is also the largest earthquake to occur in the Northern Rockies for centuries and is one of the largest earthquakes ever to hit the United States in recorded history. ~Wikipedia

Today my friend Sten and I visited Quake lake on our way back from Grand Targhee. We were weary and tired. Myself from a grueling 100 mile race and he due to running around cheering and supporting yours truly. We decided to stop by just to see Quake lake. We snapped off a couple photos, read the interpretative signs, and headed on our way North.

“We need more stuff like this to happen, I think, so we all could understand how fragile life is here on earth”, Sten remarked as we drove back out of the canyon. I didn’t respond but the statement started me thinking and I mulled it over the rest of the way home. Of course I know the surface message of it but I drifted to this weekends events with this idea.

Did I need to have more flats to realized the fine line between a top 5 finish and 15th place? How about my bottom bracket. Did it need to loosen to the point that my chain didn’t stay on the large ring for me to realize the how lucky I am to be on a new bike versus the cobbled bikes I have raced with in the past? I had plenty of things go wrong on Saturday so should I look at that for better perspective.?

Still though I put forth a major amount of effort and overcame lots of diversity. I climbed 16,000 feet and traveled 100 miles and the pain was like it always has been. There were times I almost passed out while concentrating on keeping the pedals moving. There were times I wanted to quit.  There were times I was inspired by cheers and times I felt all alone. What is a little misshape here and there? Is there something to learn from it all?

So “things that go wrong”  I guess, can be looked upon for lessons. For some reason I cant make heads or tails if I can garner anything from my effort on Saturday other then I left it all out there and for it I just plain had a ton of fun. In the larger scope of things there are worse things that can happen then some silly flats.

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