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IMG_1507 Its late and I am scared of getting pulled over by a police officer. I am taking the back roads just in case. “When will I get that darn headlamp replaced”, I ask myself. I must risk it though, I must. I simply need to get out and climb on foot. I am sick of climbing on two wheels. I need to be afoot.

I start up the rocky ridge. This trail is not like Missoula’s “M” trail. This one is rocky and direct. But then there is that ridge trail up Sentinel too, this one must be like that. I climb past three exchange students seemingly ready to pass out from oxygen debit. I bound up the rocks like a deer.

Soon I reach my destination, this “M” much bigger then Missoula’s “M”. And it made from small white stones. “Wait, where does that trail go”, I think to myself as I look North. I point my mountain running shoes North and start running. It feels good to run.

I run down the “popular” way to access the “M”. Along the route I run down a series of rocky outcroppings. They are beautiful against the setting sun. I run down, along, and even in between huge jagged rocks. This trail is much more interesting then the one in Missoula. It joins up with the Bridger Foothills Trail, a 28ish mile trail to the North along the Bridger Range. It’s rugged but mountain bikes are allowed.

I will do it one day but not today. Today I am afoot.

4 replies on “Afoot”

Totally man! I was thinking about that. how about running the Bridger Foothills Trail and then the Ridge Run back? That would be like a 50 fantasia …o/o

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