Old west style

It is that time of the year again, time to head on over to Rapelje for that low key 24 hour race. It is more like a rendezvous then a race. Kind of like in the old west when all the fur trappers would meet up and play games. This year I am going old west style. That is, without my social media outlet. In the past during all my endurance events I could tweet and post my status to friends and family. During the race I would feel this kind of connection, like there were people watching me, even if there were not. Then after the race at home I could read everyone’s reactions to how it went down. Kind of fun actually.

Just recently I discovered that my posts were no longer showing up. Specially posts from my cell phone. I discovered that ping.fm was not working any longer. The company was recently acquired by Seesmic and it appears that the Seesmic people are what we technology folk call ding-bats or numb-skulls. Why do I need ping.fm … another great injustice. My cell phone company does not support short codes (SMS). If it did then I could tweet directly from my cell device thingy. But Cellular one does not and I can not … twitter. I am twitter-caped.

So I am going old west style and will send smoke signals when I can. Have a great weekend everyone.

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