Ready to go go

ronnieGuess this will be quick. Norman is picking me up in like 15 minutes and we will launch our campaign on the 2011 24 Hours of Rapelje. I have my Action Wipes, Carbo Rocket, and Turner ready to roll and piles of gear needed for a solo effort stacked outside my door. I will go into the race a Missoulian, that just got out of a bad land-lady situation and leaving the employment situation as well. I will return a Bozemanite ready for new challenges and continuing career. I will actually have a real job folks. Ha!

Last night was one of my last Missoula Thursday Night Rides where we hit the Wallman Trail. Lots of friendly faces I haven’t seen in a while were there and it felt good to be outside during summer like conditions. The creek babbling, hearts a thumping, and the group chatter off my rear wheel. I let it all soak in. I was happy to see Ronnie who I haven’t seen in a while and Mo who just started biking this year with the group doing the trails on a cross bike. Pretty impressive … pretty cool.

Kind of wishing I could have my cake and eat it too but that isn’t the way life goes. So I head on down the road for new adventures. This weekend I transition during a soul burning 24 hour race to a new adventure. Who knows, might find tastier cake.

One thought on “Ready to go go

  1. Good luck today at Rapelje! Sorry I had to miss TNR – darn cymbals getting in the way. Thinking of you all today!

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