Rapelje time

Just over 2 days to go until the 2011 installment of the 24 Hours of Rapelje. Tonight I am meeting up with my friends Norman, Lydia, and Katie to go over weekend details. They are going for the 3 person team title and secretly plotting to beat me. I know, unfair, right? The weather looks, well, like Rapelje. Chance of thunder storms. Actually I have never been to Rapelje and see a day that has not included some severe weather. But that makes Rapelje, Rapelje.

I am stoked, super stoked. This is like Christmas time for me. All my play mates gather and we ride our brains out. Can’t get any cooler then that. The loop (http://tinyurl.com/24ofRaplelje)  starts out a ride through the high plains marked only by surveyor flags but in time wears into some fun single-track. The race sponsors  Stockman Cafe put this race on to raise money to keep themselves and the town open. It is a great little arrangement and we are treated like gods. We even get out photo put on the wall in the restaurant for every year we win the thing. It is like the 24 hour hall of fame. And they have been putting this thing on for like 11 years. Like I said, my favorite race.

I have my photo on the wall two times. In 2009 the race was canceled after 7 hours in which I was leading at the time … whew. Then in 2010 I won, 235 miles at 14.72 miles per lap, 12,912 vertical feet of climbing. At the time it was my record for mileage.

This year should be another great adventure and I plan to keep everyone updated if I can. Rapelje is notorious for not having any cell coverage. Forget any internet, again, the charm of this little town. I will post a plog Friday before I leave with links to follow. In short just go to twitter and follow the hash #rapelje24.

Time to pack…o/o


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