Recovering from a scuffle

Bacon taste so good. And if it is cooked just right the fat becomes crispy and just a wonderful explosion of hickory smoky flavor. That is what I am experiencing now. Also the smell of my freshly made espresso lofts through my apartment and a fresh toasted raisin bagel (gluten free of course) eagerly awaits its turn to be eaten. I have already visited my local fee Wi-Fi haunt to check on some of my favorite blogs and post a plea for someone to ride with today. The weather channel barks out the reason no one has answered my cries. Wicked winter storms are barreling their way up the Western coast and headed our way. But I don’t care about all these details right now. The biggest question is where to ride. I am using a topo map program to rummage around  for a local place to explore. I use the TopoFusion program. I love TopoFusion.

Yesterday I found plenty of people to ride with and plenty miles were recorded.  I rode out to Clinton for the yearly Missoula cyclist right of passage. Well, if you are a road racer. I am not, but I like those dudes. Um, most of them anyway. Some jerk-weed started yelling at me that I had caused an accident. In reality I was behind two Jr. riders who collided with each other and went down. I proceeded to ride over a back wheel and continue but had nothing to do with it. Once accused I quickly defended myself and slowed the pace for a possible fist fight. After it was obvious this guy was just being an jerk I returned to pursue the main field. But they got away so I towed a small pack around the course twice, finished up, and rode 20 miles back home. I think I better stay away from that sport. I just don’t fit in and cant seem to conform to the “laws” of road racing. I hope I didn’t piss to many people off. Well, maybe a few. Ha.

As my program loads map tiles I get excited. I love planning a new adventure. Somewhere you haven’t been. Mysterious landscapes which topo maps only provide tiny details. What that land has in store for me no one can tell. I just know where I want to go. Then I go out and see what the land has in store for me.

Time to head out. At least today I know I will not piss anyone off or get into a scuffle. I will be alone. Just the terrain, a network of gravel roads, and some possible single-track.

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