3 deer and a monkey

I really don’t know what drives me to go harder when my entire biology says that I am about to die. But I do. I was climbing up Pattee Canyon in my large ring, two clicks down in the back. It was a 3 minute sprint and I felt like I just couldn’t muster the pace for three minutes. But I did. I was thinking about how Missoula has changed in the last week. And then I turned around to go back down the hill to do it again. I passed a single deer in a yard half way down.

“I’ll name you Dipper”, I said to myself.

I tend to name all animals I encounter frequently. I would go by Dipper 7 times today so I had better give it a name. It gave me a look and went back to eating. A cyclist on this stretch is not a uncommon occurrence.

I finished my 3 minute sprints, 3 of them, and coasted around for 5 minutes in recovery.  Suddenly I mounted one of 3 two minute attacks on the hill. I was in my large ring and four down in the back. Holy cow. Just as I thought I would bust my leg off at the hip my interval was over.

“That damn Carbo Rocket 333 is kick ass”, I thought to myself. I mean what the heck is with all this power. I turned around to coast back down the hill. If only this interval session would free me up for a ride with a friend later after work. Just as I came down the hill again there were two deer.

“I’ll name the other Borah” “Hi Borah… Dipper”

Borah looked a little uneasy with it’s new name and Dipper just ignored me. We had a special kind of relationship, Dipper and I.

After my 3 two minute assaults on the hill I rested again. The last big attack would last one minute and I wondered if I could go all out biggest ring and 6 down in the back. I spun around for five minutes.

Bam! Just like that I attacked one last time and ripped out a perfect sprint up the hill. Absolutely great to go 26 mph up a hill climb.  Too bad I couldn’t do that for 20 minutes. I would be freaking awesome.  I coasted back towards town. I passed Dipper and Borah but there were 3 deer this time.

“Wow, that is weird. I’ll name the third … “

But couldn’t think of a name. And then the moment passed as my mind wondered what Missoula would be like this summer. Would I see Dipper and Borah again? Where did that third deer come from?

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