vacationTonight I have a rare opportunity to sit and watch a hockey game. Usually it is the same ol get off work, train, train some more, make a recovery smoothie, and then hit the sack. Lately work has absolutely been crushing me mentally and I don’t seem to have a chance to even breath. Consistent concentration for 9 hours is just too much for my old brain.  Fortunately for me I am good at time management and seem to have been fitting in some quality workouts.  Today I was so efficient that I got in both workouts by 6 in the evening. I got out at lunch for a hill session on Sentinel and did some regeneration after a nice commute home.

I am sifting through some photos as I watch the Avalanche try to make a comeback against the Blue Jackets. If Colorado doesn’t win just about every remaining game they will probably not make the playoffs.

I really like this photo of Moonlight Basin. Hard to believe it is a Montana scene. Sure there is so much commercialism but you have to marvel at how relaxing and fun it must to be a rich bastard hanging out in such a place. I visited about a month ago and rode my new bike on all the snowy roads. It was a vacation from Missoula a hometown gone stale in these cold winter months. It was a new scene.

Tonight is a new scene sitting in front of the TV watching hockey, taking a vacation … dreaming of my next ride.

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