Friends stuff

At @WildJoesBozeman w/ @boneshakerbike for mid-ride coffee n scone. Sunny-day ride!“, Rich twittered as I pecked away at my old cell trying to figure out how to text message using a phone style key pad. I wondered how they texted and twittered back when they had rotary phones. I remember the phone I actually owned after I graduated high school. It had little square push buttons that glowed and was attached to the wall of my apartment. My friend Wade had given me that phone when he skipped town (Billings) with some girl he met at a lake side kegger a couple weeks prior. That was the beginning of my town skipping friends supplying me with stuff.  If it were not for friends I would probably own nothing.

I finally was able to twitter a short message, “At Wild Joes Coffee after a ride in on the new bike“.wp-1486748945154.jpg

Finally another friend showed up and we set off for a weekend rid in Bozeman.  Since then I have visited that part of my brain that is still active and it was thinking about all the friend that contributed to my collection of interesting things. Things like a rather large screw driver, much to large for anything useful, except dig a hole to plant something in the ground. Some stuff is much needed like the box fan my friend Paul left off after last years visit. Ahh friends. They fill your heart with joy and then when they leave they drop off a few things.

I took the Turner out last night for a threshold test.  After I set out to track down my friend Jill who was also out riding in the area. Soon I located her riding down a popular Missoula street on her Pugsley.  I have been trying to spend time with her lately. Just today we had dinner just down the street from work.

“So I’ll stop by later to pick up some of that stuff your giving away”, I shouted as I broke off her wheel and turned towards work.

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