I think I huked. Is that what you call it when you ride off a big drop?  In any case I took the new rig off a big ol drop between Taco Bell and Burger King yesterday. I was just out playing on the bike when I was forced to ride into TB’s parking lot because of an overly aggressive motorist. I decided to run it out and see what happens. Problem being that there is a 4 foot elevation difference between the parking lots. Lucky enough for me they filled the 5 foot gap with small boulders. Dropping off that thing I imagined I was at a Mount Snow World Cup where I handled the section perfectly. The crowd erupted into a roar of cheers as I cleared what no other rider even attempted. I had no fear and felt at home on my new bike. Betty is inspiring.

I am doing that same maneuver with life right now. Just aiming my front tire forward and just going. Even at a time when I don’t feel like going forward it is all that I know. A friend … no a best friend, the rare kind … is moving away from Missoula and I am not sure how I will handle the drop. Front wheel forward and pedal. The crowd is silent, waiting.

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